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What Is a Voided Check for Direct Deposit?

People can supply a business or an entity with a voided check to easily share their bank account details for an electronic payment or direct deposit. When you write “VOID” on a check, it becomes a voided check you can use to set up auto-pay or direct deposit. Once you submit your forms and voided […]

What is Cash Reconciliation?: A Complete Guide

Bank reconciliation is the process of comparing the balance as per the cash book with the balance as per the passbook (bank statement). The very purpose of reconciling the bank statement with your business’ books of accounts is to identify any differences between the balance of the two accounts. In the http://www.e-gost.org.ua/news/sport/35347-abramovich-nashel-dlya-chelsi-novogo-trenera.html past, it was […]

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